Monday, October 20, 2008

Relish the Zest of Romance Novels

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romance novels

Middle Age women attraction with men’s in kits. One of the supreme anonymity of a life for a 20 year old university learner. I work at a library; part of my work is to verify the book clientele returns to the library. Most of the times I observe elder women are returning huge bunch of romance novels at a time.

For legendary purpose I scrutinize the plot outline of most of these romance books. The majority of the romance books fall into cookie reaper groups: there are swarthy billionaires who craves to seduce a secretary; the gentleman gets the lady pregnant and lastly leaves her. Somebody wants to seduce the significant person and fall in love.

In addition to the interrelated plot lines, an excellent number of books covers emerge identically. The gentleman ravishes a fainting lady; both look captivated by each other. The major dissimilarity between the covers is the hair color and the clothing.

Now the excellent question is why do women read romance novels so passionately? I have a niggling notion romance novels are the feminine correspondent of definite types of publications targeted toward gentleman

Romance Novels still have retrievable plots, some are even tenuously stimulating. But if one understands a competing romance novel the main reason is not the plot, is it?

There is even a renovation range for this. Images are worth a thousands words. Well for every photograph in a glossy magazine, there are thousands words of filth in a romance novel.

I am persuaded that as I move towards the middle age, I will appreciate the enthrallment with super rich people. Well I believe, I comprehend the plea of ravishing billionaires.

If I do not get to an understanding of the sarong, I might develop the positive reception.
It is a humble request to the people of the 21st century that at least once in the lifetime do make an endeavor to read
romance novels to understand the real meaning of love. What do you think? Please write your comments.

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