Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Home of Political Romance Novels

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Everywhere I walk off these days, whether it’s dinner with a companion, library, minster, or the grocery store, populace are discussing about the American economy and the US Presidential Election. I can endure so many dialogues on these Siamese- twin subject before becoming gravely miserable, so I made an endeavor to twist the discussion. When I confessed to my companion that I haven’t seen presidential discussions since I took part in a ballot before the initial debate, she inquired in an appalled pitch,” Well, What have you been doing?” I responded that I had been reading romance novels. “Have you ever discovered any romance novels about politics? “She asked.

Her query was a mockery, but it resided with me. I strived to think of romance novels that features political leading actor or leading actress or even opinionated background. The first one I learned by heart was the first Nora Roberts Book I ever interpreted, All the Possibilities (in the ingenious version)

I perplexed for a lengthy period of time, seeking to remember other political romances. Does Jenny Cruise’s Welcome to Temptation meet the criteria? Phin Tucker is enticement Mayor, but that’s barely on the altitude of Washington political affairs. Political Campaigning is fundamental to one of my preferred Maggie Osborne novels, A stranger’s Wife.

I can reflect on dozens of European historical in which the leading actor politics or political objectives play a significant role, but only two American generations. My exploration for other books to add to my catalog leads me to an AAR inventory that involves the Brown, but not the Roberts.

Have we become too pessimistic about politicians to perceive them as idols? Can you reflect on any romance novels which can be added to my concise records? Please write your comments.

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